about us

   Welcome to ric frearson photo. I have been a photographer since leaving school in 1979. It had always been my ambition since late in my years at high school to be a photographer and thats just what happened, my passion became a reality. I started work on a daily newspaper, completing a cadetship and then after a few years arrived in Brisbane as a student at the Queensland College of Art.

Art and creating was what drove me during my life then, as it still does today. I exhibited widely, started a bar in the Valley, which was also a venue for the arts .

I am now involved in creating a family life which has been an amazing experience.

I started work on newspapers in Brisbane in 1995 and have enjoyed the experience immencely, currently working on City News as well as my own work and projects.

Creating amazing photos is my aim on every shoot. I feel that the photographic image is one of the most powerful and evocative mediums of our times and that we all are part of the most wonderful experience which is life and that it should be documented.

Be it your wedding day, a day with your family on the beach or in the park or any other moment that brings you in contact with me as a photographer, it should be viewed creatively, a moment caught in time for the future to behold.

Please call or email me, and I will help you with your imaging requirments.